Sadiki registered as an NGO in Kenya!

We are really pleased that Sadiki was recently registered as an NGO in Kenya (in addition to our existing registration as a charity in England and Wales).  This makes us a lot more “official”, enabling us to work more closely with NGOs in Kenya and in particular to benefit from local government expertise and assistance.  To mark the opening, we are holding a launch at the Sadiki office in Kwangamor on 15 December 2009, which will be attended by the District Commissioner of Teso South and various other guests from around Teso District.  Already, our registration has resulted in a visit by the local forestry officer, who encouraged our groups to expand their existing tree nursery so as to be able to supply a much larger section of the district with seedlings (which they have already done with a small financial contribution from Sadiki), and provided additional variety of seeds (in particular trees for timber which use a minimum of water).  We anticipate further such mutually beneficial co-operation with local government, as Sadiki provides groups of motivated, willing and organised community members whom the government can then use to carry out their policy in the community (such as re-forestation in the case of the tree nursery).

Submitted by Susanna on December 3, 2009


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