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Gilgonda and Everlyne - employed by women to care for Poultry with layers eggs collected

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The goal of all Sadiki’s projects is that they become sustainable. We are delighted that our poultry project in Kwangamor has now reached this point. Our 93 hens are now laying around 70 eggs per day and providing protein, employment and profit to our women’s group. Funds raised from the sale of these eggs are now sufficient to purchase the necessary poultry feed, any drugs required, and also to employ 2 group members part-time to look after the hens. Some women are buying a crate of eggs per week, boiling them, and then selling them at the market as a business. There are even excess funds which the group are depositing in their group bank account. The project is very popular and we would like to extend it to other groups in future, funds permitting. We would also like to explore the option of having a joint poultry-fish project (the poultry house is built over a fish pond, with the hen droppings feeding the fish!) Please do let us know if you, or your workplace, might be interested in contributing to such a project.

Submitted by Susanna on December 3, 2009


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