Eggs in Kwangamor

The community in Kwangamor, especially the children, will now be enjoying fresh eggs and (chicken) meat, thanks to our first ever poultry project. The project is being run by two of our women’s groups, with the profits going to the groups. Following training in poultry management, the women built the chicken shelter themselves, ready to welcome 100 chicks. In the absence of electricity, the chicks were kept warm by kerosene stoves! The women have been given extensive training in how to vaccinate the chicks regularly and recognise and treat disease. To prevent our own chickens becoming sick, Sadiki also subsidised others in the community to vaccinate their own chickens. This has resulted in much knowledge-sharing and goodwill to Sadiki, as the wider community directly benefits from Sadiki’s work.

Submitted by Susanna on May 13, 2009


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