Second season of ground nuts in Kwangamor

Helen with her groundnuts

In 2007, the members of the Kwangamor Akimor Women’s Group decided they would like to try their hand at growing groundnuts (like peanuts). Groundnuts grow well locally, and are a good source of protein in the family’s diet, as well as providing a source of income. Through Sadiki’s contact with another NGO, the women were able to purchase high grade ground-nut seed (which they purchased both individually and as a group). Sadiki provided some agricultural training. The 2007 harvest was not as good as the women had hoped, owing to unseasonably heavy rainfall (global warming?), but they still managed to cultivate 6kg of groundnuts for every 2kg of seed planted. The women have replanted in 2008 (see photo above) - without any financial input from Sadiki. We shall report their progress in due course. In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed for the weather. These ladies are depending on us not blowing our carbon footprint…

Submitted by Susanna on April 25, 2008


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