First ever Field Assistant for Sadiki!

tophistamugshot.jpgtophista1.jpgWe are delighted to introduce Topista Ekisa, Sadiki’s first ever Field Assistant.  Topista is working part-time, and is based at our Sadiki “office” in Kwangamor village.   Topista is a “home-grown” employee, having demonstrated her capabilities as a (former) member of the Kwangamor Akimor Women’s Group.  She was also one of the group “vets”, specially trained to give the goats first aid.  Topista’s duties include close-hand monitoring of the projects in Kwangamor, including collecting loan repayments, and overseeing the health and regular treatment of the dairy goats.  In particular, we had been having trouble getting the women’s group members always to pay the small fee (calculated at cost) specified in their constitution for the routine maintenance of their goats (weekly spraying for ticks, regular de-worming etc).  Under Topista’s leadership, this small fee is now being collected, with the result that whereas Sadiki used to have to pay for goat drugs, the group is now able to replenish its supply of standard goat drugs itself, meaning that this aspect of the project is fully sustainable. 

Submitted by Susanna on April 25, 2008


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